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We use express next day shipping on all our deliveries and our carefully crafted temperature controlled boxes keep your goods chilled and fresh throughout. This means after our master butchers cut and package your order, all meats are kept at ~2°C until they are opened at your doorstep. Moreover, all of our packaging is 100% eco-friendly and kerbside recyclable, including all refridgerants used.

All our products are fully Halal and accredited/inspected by certified institutions. We are extremely vigilant regarding our supply chain and also the welfare of all animals involved in our processes. Transparency is key so that our customers have full confidence in what they’re purchasing, read on for more details.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is often a neglected part of the muslim consumers’ concerns when purchasing meat as most of the focus is around the method of slaughter. Whilst this is extremely important, we ask the question: can meat be truly halal, tayyib and wholesome if it endured terrible living conditions. Surely the enitre life and living conditions of the animal is just as important as the minutes leading up to slaughter? Hence at Saffron Alley, we’re all about sourcing animals that are able to do what they were born to, be free and roam.


Our fresh beef is sourced from Ireland where the cattle are traditionally reared, have acres to roam and are exclusively grass-fed. Alhumdulilah, this diet and lifestyle is truly reflected in the taste and often customers compliment our beef as being supremely juicy and succulent! The cattle are not stunned prior to their hand-slaughter by a muslim and is certified by the BHC (Bray Halal Centre).


Our fresh free-range lamb is sourced from Ireland and England where they have acres to freely roam around pastures. They are purely grass-fed and grow as nature intended without any use of growth promoting hormones. The lambs are unstunned and hand-slaughtered by a muslim. This process is certified by the HFA (Halal Food Authority).


Our fresh poultry comes from chickens reared in spacious barns where they are carefully nurtured in the Netherlands. Chickens are omnivores and so naturally ours are fed a high protein diet (~20% protein) to support their growth keeping them healthy, happy and strong! The chickens are reversibly stunned prior to hand-slaughter by a muslim meaning they are unconscious and 100% living prior to the final cut. Poultry is certified by HQC (Halal Quality Control).


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