Vision & Values

muslim, made easy.

At Saffron Alley our vision is simple – we bring halal into the 21st Century.

Its time to revolutionise the way we do our weekly halal meat shop and after extensive research & development, we’re proud to say we have the answer. As muslims ourselves, we can relate to all the questions, problems and incoveniences that go into buying halal meat, click to find out more:

Is what im buying actually halal and traceable?

All of our products are halal, tayyib and traceable. No ifs and no buts. For more information head over to our FAQs.

Why is the quality of meat on the market so inconsistent?

Unfortunately, much of the halal meat sold on the market is not fresh at the point of sale. Moreover, animals are given medications and raised on diets designed to plump them up as fast as possible which results in bland tasting meats given it hasn’t had the time to mature in flavour. Our farmers and suppliers do not engage in these practises and we encourage you to take the taste test to find out for yourself!

Isn't there a more convenient way to buy halal meat?

Yes! Here at Saffron Alley, you simply buy online and your order gets shipped to your doorstep. Easy peasy! No more hunting for parking on the high street, waiting in queues, being disappointed by what’s in stock at supermarkets and wasting your precious evenings and weekends heading to the butcher. What’s more, our product range is unmatched in quality and unrivalled in variety.

Were the animals reared and treated respectfully?

Animal welfare is paramount to us as a company. Also as muslims, we believe for meat to be truly halal and tayyib, the quality of life and the way animals are raised prior to their slaughter is just as important as the method of slaughter itself. We only work with farmers and suppliers who rear animals with dignity and respect.

Was my meat prepped in a hygienically safe environment?

Maintaining proper hygiene and safety controls as per the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines is central to our business. Our staff are formerly trained to a high standard in food handling and safety procedures, beyond the government minimum requirements. So rest assured, the hygiene of our personnel, facilities and products are taken very seriously at Saffron Alley.

Where can I find premium deli salamis made from real meat and not fillers?

The answer is here at Saffron Alley! We don’t even look twice at the majority of halal deli products on the market currently which consist of fillers, mixed mechanically reclaimed meats and masses of preservatives. Halal deli products are a passion of ours to source and we only stock the finest.

Was my meat cut fresh to order?

Any fresh meat items ordered from us are cut straight from the carcass, packaged and stored at 2°C right up till delivery at your doorstep. This whole process occurs in 24-36 hours so you can be sure anything you order arrives in immaculate condition.

Why aren't more muslim companies eco-friendly?

Simple: eco-friendly products are expensive. As a muslim and former geologist, I have a deep love and connection to some of Allah’s (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى‎) greatest gifts to us: this dunya and the animals which he has blessed to roam it. We take extreme care in selecting packaging materials which are all 100% kerbside recyclable and biodegradeable so that our operations have minimal impact on the environment.

Why can't I buy modern halal cuts like rolled roasts, frenched lamb and extra thick steaks?

Buying halal western style cuts is extremely difficult as the majority of butchers from our respective muslim communities aren’t classically trained. At Saffron Alley, our master butchers have decades of experience cutting meat for the western market and so are very skilled in being able to produce gorgeous deboned, rolled roasts, frenched lamb and extra thick steaks etc.

We’ve made all these issues our manifesto; this is what Saffron Alley was born to solve. Alhumdulilah, we can’t wait to share our premium products with you. Stay tuned to our blog where we will dive into each of these issues in-depth and more about our approach in tackling them.

We’re a consumer-centric company focussed on building a community so that we can understand and cater for the needs of our customers. This is why we love your comments and feedback so please get in-touch! For all queries and product suggestions, don’t hesitate to head over to the contact us page.