The Ultimate BBQ Marinade Recipe for Wings, Chops and everything in between!

Do you ever just struggle to find a marinade recipe that balances, spice and flavour without being too overbearing? Don't worry, we've got you! Now this recipe below is universal and has been tried and tested for decades, I may have perhaps took it from my mum (don't tell her🤫). 

This marinade is universal, and so you can use it for all types of cuts of meats, just add two tbsp of Greek yoghurt when you're portioning the marinade for the chicken, everything else is exactly the same, you can add some extra salt if you like!

Whether it's Chicken WingsLamb Chops, or a seasoned Beef Brisket, you can use this marinade for all three, and trust us when we say, it'll take your tastebuds to another universe!🌌😍

Prepare for those Summer nights in the garden with family and friends! You'll be in BBQ heaven with our selection! From Chicken Skewers, to Fresh Angus Beef Burgers, there'll be food for everyone to enjoy!😍

We have the Ultimate BBQ Marinade Recipe, spicy, tangy and full of flavour, your tastebuds will literally be thanking you! All our meat is ethically sourced, Antibiotic-Free, GMO-Free and Hormone-Free, and not to mention delicious!

Marinade recipe down below 🌶️💪🏽

You can pick from literally anything you fancy this summer, or be cheeky and buy everything hehe😉
How to marinate your meat for the most flavourful, seasoned and succulent feast🍴😋 
  • 1 Lemon Juiced🍋
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 cup
  • Pink Himalayan Salt 1 tbsp🧂
  • Chilli Flakes1 tbsp🌶️
  • Turmeric 1/4 tbsp
  • Ground Cumin 1 tbsp
  • Smoked Paprika 1/2 tbsp
  • Garlic cloves 3 crushed🧄
  • Crushed Ginger
  • Chilli Powder 1/2 tbsp
  • Garlic Powder 1/2 tbsp
  • Zebby's Magic Masala 1 tbsp
  • Coriander (small bunch finely chopped to garnish)🌿
  • Greek Yoghurt 2 tbsp (for the chicken cuts)
ALL you need to do is, mix everything together, plop your meat in and let it marinate in the fridge for a couple of hours (min 3). 
P.s this marinade is enough for 1.3kg of meat, so however much u have, just multiply or divide 👌🏽

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