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You've helped Palestine. Here's how...

You've helped palestine. here's how...

How you're helping rebuild Palestine: 10% of all orders towards the Gaza Emergency appeal up until 12th June.

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Meaty Maftoul Stuffed Peppers

Meaty maftoul stuffed peppers

  This one's a Ramadan staple for me. Quick hearty meal for when I just don't have the energy to cook in the evenings! The reason this dish works is due to the contrast in textures; the maftoul has a a lovely bite, the roasted peppers are soft, the onions...

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Spicy Freekeh Chicken Salad

Spicy freekeh chicken salad

This super quick freekah salad is a delicious dish that packed full of flavour and is super healthy. 

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Beef Short-Rib - Everything you need to know including a recipe!

Beef short-rib - everything you need to know including a recipe!

There's no doubt about it, beef short-ribs are simply my favourite cut of beef of them all. I have days where I might fancy a steak, maybe grill some chicken, have some daal and roti, but short-ribs for me are something I'm always in the mood for!

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