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Raw Black Seed Honey

Weight: 200ml

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    100% Pure and Raw Black Seed Honey from Qaseem, Saudi Arabia.

    This is not an infusion like other lower grade honeys, but rather the Bees Feed on the actual Black Seed Flower resulting in a much more natural and wholesome tasting product 

    Flavour and Aroma: Very distinctive, rich flavour and superior taste.

    Texture: Thick and Chewy

    No oils, seeds, or mixture added. Extra thick.

    It contains all-natural royal jelly, propolis, and wax – all the goodness which is visible. Our honey is produced by traditional beekeeping methods with only the simplest tools used

    No chemicals, additives, preservatives, heating process or drugs have been used – completely raw. No machinery is used either. The most important thing is that the bees are not fed any sugar, unlike any cheap supermarket honey. It’s a process proudly carried out through generations where they use smoke from dried camel skins and machetes to harvest the liquid gold’. This is how our honeys are kept pure and don't lose their natural healing powers.

    We only want to sell the best quality honey, the same honey that the Saffron Alley family uses daily.

    Benefits of Organic Blackseed Honey (Nigella Sativa):
    - It is a natural antibiotic, antioxidant, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and graded medicinal
    - cough and respiratory-related issues
    - strengthening the heart
    - treating clogged arteries
    - purifying the blood
    - digestion and colon-related issues
    - detoxification of the organs
    - preventing sickness and nausea
    - purifying the urinary tract

    Originally indigenous to the Mediterranean, it was also cultivated in the Arabian Peninsula, Northern Africa, and some parts of Asia.

    Muslims have a strong history of using the black seed, it is even mentioned by the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam), who said “Use the black seed regularly, for it is a cure for all diseases, except death.

    Black seed is said to contain up to 15 amino acids, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, and proteins. Its most effective compositions are dithymoquinone, thymol and thymohydroquinone.

    This Honey is produced in the heart of Saudi Arabia, Qaseem is known as the alimental bucket, due to its fertile land and vast agricultural landscape. Qaseem is famed for producing some of the world’s highest-quality black seeds (Nigella seeds).

    Further research has found black seeds to have a high number of sterols, namely beta-sitosterol, which is known to have anticarcinogenic properties and also demonstrates antihistamine, antibiotic,broncho-dilating, and immune-system boosting effects



    100% Raw Honey


    100% Pure Raw Honey