All of our lamb meat is on a grass-fed dietFree from any antibiotics, hormones or chemicals. Isn't it time to feed our families the food they deserve?


Did you know that we only use Spring Lamb across our full range of Fresh Free Range Lamb? Unlike other suppliers who use Hogget or Mutton which is much cheaper than Spring Lamb at Saffron Alley, we only provide our customers with the best produce.


It's part of our commitment to only offering the Highest Quality Halal Tayyib Products. From our Roasting Joints like Lamb Leg, Lamb Loin or Lamb Shoulder to our Diced Lamb & Lamb Chops, everything will be the finest Grass Fed Free Range Spring Lamb.


Our Meat Comes from Animals Raised in Natural Conditions

Our meats are sourced from animals that are raised in natural conditions, with ample space to roam freely. This allows for a higher quality of meat and promotes the development of strong immune systems that do not require additional medications to keep them healthy.


Make a positive impact on your health and the environment by choosing our antibiotic-free & hormone-free meats.

Did you know Antibiotics in Meat Production Can be Harmful

Did you know that the use of antibiotics in livestock farming can have harmful consequences for human health?


It's true. The overuse of antibiotics, whether in animals or humans can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can cause infections that are difficult to treat with our medicines. Resistant bacteria can affect humans, creating dangerous, persistent infections and more.


Rest assured that all our ranges, including chicken, lamb, and beef are Antibiotic-Free, Hormone-Free & Free to Roam that's the Saffron Alley method.


It's becoming increasingly apparent that additives in the foods we eat have bad consequences for our health and well-being. Ever notice how strong the older generations that came before us were? The use of antibiotics, hormones etc was never as prevalent in the food chain as they are now. Remember we are what we eat.


Say No to Antibiotic-Laced Meat

Choosing our meats means you can rest assured not to consume meat treated with antibiotics. Our priority is providing you with high-quality meats that are free from harmful additives, our antibiotic-free & hormone-free approach is one way we achieve this.


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