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Halal Saffron Staples Box

Weight: 7.4Kg

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    Grab your staples box full of the highest qulality versatile meats that can be cooked everyday in a number of dishes in a number of ways. Great way to grab the things you'd normally cook at a more economical price point. With all the possibilities, the only question left is what's on your menu?

    • Grass Fed
    • Fresh
    • Free-Range Beef & Lamb
    • Barn Reared Chicken
    • Halal
    • No hormones

    Staples Box (~7.4 Kg) Includes:

    1 Kg Chicken Breast
    1 Kg Mixed Boneless Lamb
    1 Kg Mixed Boneless Beef
    1 Kg Lamb Mince
    1 Kg Beef Mince
    1 Kg Skinless Drumstick
    1x    Cornfed-Chicken (1.4 Kg)



      Free-Range, Grass-Fed & Grass Finished Beef & Lamb, Great Value, Versatile for Everyday Cooking, Vacuum Sealed, 100% Fresh Meats, Suitable for freezing