Corn-Fed Chicken – Our Banging Bestseller

Before we jump into all of the great things about our corn-fed chicken, let’s quickly understand why chickens are fed corn:

  • corn is an easy grain for chickens to digest and is low in fibre
  • it’s high in carbohydrates (this is especially important in the colder months when chickens require more energy to keep warm)
  • it’s relatively inexpensive and widely available
  • it can be easily mixed with other foods, such as soybean meals, to provide the protein that corn lacks

What’s so special about corn-fed chicken for us?

  • it is naturally more tender and juicy compared to normal chicken
  • the corn-fed diet adds a hint of fatty sweetness to the meat, giving it more taste
  • its unique, yellow colour generally looks more appealing

It really does offer great texture, taste and appearance – no wonder it sells so well!

What else makes it a bestseller?

We buy into the ethical and sustainable rearing of our corn-fed chicken just as much as the final product. Hence, we ensure that our corn-fed chickens are:

  • antibiotic-free. Nowadays, factory farms mass produce unnaturally large chickens whose growth results from a steady flow of antibiotics. At Saffron Alley, this is never the case
  • not crowded. When chickens are constricted to tight spaces in high numbers, they tend to get unhealthy very quickly. Keeping our chickens loosely packed not only makes them healthier, but also reduces the need for any antibiotics
  • in plenty of space to move, reducing their stress and giving them the opportunity to exercise
  • chemical free – no type of fertiliser or pesticide are used for growing the corn. Our growing methods are not only natural for the chicken but also for the environment

Get the most out of your corn-fed chicken by:

  • drying it properly before preparation – this will help achieve a perfect, crispy skin
  • placing salt, black pepper, garlic and other spices under the skin – most of it can drip away when applied to the surface of the chicken when cooking
  • not over complicating things! A corn-fed chicken is already full of taste, so using strong marinades can mask these natural flavours

So, if you haven’t yet tried our corn-fed chicken, give it a try and let us know what you think!

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