🍟 Loaded Fries 🍟

Ultimate comfort food - an easy to follow recipe that’s great for sharing.


-4 large potatoes

-sunflower oil for frying

-400g lamb/beef mince

-small tin of kidney beans

-tin of chopped tomatoes

-1 tbsp chilli powder

-sour cream


-grated cheese (mozzarella)



  1. Peel and wash potatoes. Cut lengthways into slices. Rinse thoroughly in a colander to remove the excess starch. Dry the slices with kitchen towel
  2. Fill a saucepan halfway with the oil. Heat to 130 degrees C (check with a cooking thermometer)
  3. Once hot, gently lower third-half the chips into the oil by placing them first into a metal slotted spoon
  4. Fry for 10 minutes so they are cooked but not yet fully browned
  5. Remove the chips and let them drain on kitchen towel
  6. Repeat the above process with the remaining chips
  7. Reheat the oil to 190 degrees C and cook the chips similarly for 5 minutes until golden brown
  8. Once drained again, place in a serving dish and sprinkle a generous amount of salt on top


-Fry mince till brown

-Add a small tin of chopped tomatoes

-Add 1 tbsp chilli powder and salt to taste

-Add kidney beans

-Cook for around 30 minutes and till reduced


Finally we layered as:

-> chips

-> cheese

-> mince

-> chips

-> mince

-> cheese

-> guacamole

-> sour cream

-> buffalo sauce

-> jalapeños


Enjoy! 😋

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