You won't believe how I became a butcher!

How a PhD + tuna sandwich = Saffron Alley

I remember when growing up, there weren’t many options for halal restaurants let alone for buying halal meats. We were all just stuck with whichever halal butcher was local, (and many still are). The notion of “meat quality” wasn’t even a thing any of us were aware and our parents were just trying to get by, driven by necessity rather than choice. But Alhumdulilah, times change as do our priorities, wants and needs.

Year by year we hear more and more about the importance of quality foods in our diet, the importance of animal welfare and more still on the topic of our impact on the environment. The fact these topics are all on our minds lately is truly a blessing as it is Allah swt who ultimately has graced us with our bodies, the animals living beside us and this dunya; it’s our responsibility to take care of them.

These issues are the foundation of what Saffron Alley was born to solve, and in the process of doing my research and development, I found a whole lot more. You see, I’m just an average muslim who likes his food, particularly steaks and fancy cuts like that frenched lamb-rack you see above. Trouble is, as muslims finding halal cuts and quality like that is hard to come by and when you do find it, its always out of stock!

One day, as part of my Ph.D. in Geology, I was conducting fieldwork in Lancashire to explore the region’s oil and gas potential. I sat down on a rock for my regular 2pm lunch, on a farm somewhere near Clitheroe, and stared at my tuna sandwich for the 7th day in a row. Surrounded by beautiful naturally reared animals, I just thought, for us muslims, things should be different. Why have we been settling for sub-par food for so long? We should have options, variety, premium deli meats for sandwiches without having to make compromises on the halal authenticity, whether the meat is tayyib and of high quality.

Now, this is all a thing of the past and we take care of all this for you! Saffron Alley is a family run team geared to put you guys first. We’re here to provide you with an unparalleled range of tayyib & wholesome meats, delivered conveniently and reliably; thats why Saffron Alley is muslim, made easy.

Having only launched 2 months ago, Alhumdulilah we’ve be blown away by you guys and your positive feedback. In return, we’d like to say thank you, and to be able to do a little something to support you all in these difficult times, check out our previous blog post here for 10% off!

JazakAllah khair
Jabraan, Ph.D.
Founder – Saffron Alley – muslim, made easy.

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