Angus VS Wagyu

Join us in a battle of the ultimate Steak!ūü•©

Steak enthusiasts often have a dilemma when choosing between two of the most renowned beef varieties. However, even if you're not a steak enthusiast, and simply want to elevate your palette, it's still a difficult choice to make. 

Angus and Wagyu are both beautifully marbled, rich in taste and succulent in their bites, but what truly sets them apart? Lets find out! Angus and Wagyu are both celebrated for their exceptional qualities, but they cater to different tastes and preferences. 

Japanese VS Scottish Beef

Wagyu¬†is a prized cut & must try. Originally a¬†Japanese¬†Breed with higher levels of desirable intramuscular fat they are¬†sought after worldwide.¬†Wagyu¬†has a delicious¬†subtle buttery¬†taste due to the high level of¬†marbling¬†throughout.¬†Wagyu¬†is the¬†Queen¬†of Steaks.ūüĎłūüŹĹ ¬†
Angus is known for its deep unique flavour that we all crave. Originally a Scottish Breed, Angus is a favourite in steakhouses and works really well in burgers. 
Angus¬†has a good level of¬†marbling¬†but doesn't compare with the unparalleled marbling of¬†Wagyu.¬†Angus¬†is perfect for something¬†special¬†that doesn't¬†break the bank¬†& can be used every day.¬†Angus¬†is the¬†King¬†of Steaks.ūü§īūüŹĹ

When it comes to cooking!

The fine marbling of Wagyu beef creates a very soft texture that is almost silky. Because of it's high-fat content, Wagyu cooks quickly, and chefs often recommend cooking it to rare or medium-rare to preserve its delicate texture and rich flavour. Overcooking can unfortunately result in the loss of its signature qualities. 
Angus Beef has a firmer texture, making it versatile for various cooking methods, from grilling and broiling to roasting. It stands up well to higher heat and longer cooking times, allowing for a range of doneness levels from rare to well-done without compromising too much on texture and flavour. 


Wagyu Beef is generally more expensive than Angus due to its rarity and intensive farming practises required to produce it. Authentic Japanese Wagyu is particularly pricey and is often seen as a luxury item. However, there are also American Wagyu breeds, which are slightly more affordable but still come with a premium price tag. 

Angus beef is more widely available and affordable compared to Wagyu. While Certified Angus Beef commands a higher price than standard beef, it is still more accessible than Wagyu, as there is much more abundance of the Angus Cattle, contributing to its lower cost. 

Choosing between the two!

If you prefer a rich buttery flavour with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, Wagyu is the way to go. If you enjoy a robust, beefy flavour with a firmer texture, Angus Steak will likely be more to your taste. Wagyu does come at a higher price tag, but the marbling is worth it, however, Angus is versatile and offers a high quality experience at a more affordable price. 

So what's your decision?

Wagyu is the perfect steak for special occasions and gourmet dining experiences, and Angus is suitable for everyday meals, as well as special gatherings. 

Both Wagyu and Angus steaks offer exceptional dining experiences, and your choice between the two will depend on your own personal preferences, cooking style, and budget. Whether you opt for the luxurious richness of Wagyu or the hearty flavour of Angus, you're in for a delightful culinary treat.

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