Thinking what to cook for Iftar tonight? We've got it covered. We love this dish as it's super tasty and surprisingly quick. 


It took us around 20 mins from start to finish! Perfect for iftars where we all know we want a little something fried but probably shouldn't. Well rest assured, ALL, yes ALL Saffron Alley red meat is free range, naturally reared and grass fed!

This recipe is per Saffron Alley rump steak (230g) which will feed 2 people. It scales really easily, just multiply all the ingredient quantities and your set.

Just before frying the beef, toss the strips in corn starch once again to get a powdery texture on the outside. This helps get it extra crispy.

For the marinade
🔴 230g Saffron Alley Rump Steak
🔴 2 tsp corn starch
🔴 2 tsp soy sauce
🔴 1 tsp oil

For the Sauce
🔴 2 tsp corn-starch
🔴 60ml water
🔴 2 tbsp Soy Sauce
🔴 60 ml Saffron Alley beef broth (can use chicken stock instead)
🔴 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
🔴 3 tbsp brown sugar
🔴 1 tsp garlic powder/granules


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