Introducing...SMASH BURGERS!

Saffron Alley are now proud to introducing SMASH BURGERS! Now, imagine the finest Aberdeen Angus mince:

  • Mixed to the perfect meat-to-fat ratio (80/20)
  • Blended with the perfect amount of salt + pepper + spices
  • Rolled into smash burger balls

Each smash burger tray of ours comes with 6 burger balls, pre-seasoned and ready to smash. No needs to get your hands dirty anymore! Buy your burgers here

We  even include handy non-stick paper sheets in each pack to stop the meat sticking to your spatula whilst smashing!

Fun way to get the kids in the kitchen, watch Jabraan show you how easy it is here

A smashed burger is a diner-style burger that uses a thin patty. The name ‘smashed’ comes from the technique used to get a nice thin patty.

What makes a smashed burger special is how the way you cook it impacts the flavor and texture of the patty.

By smashing the meat into a thin patty, it creates more surface area to come in direct contact with the pan. This means you end up with a crispy crust and much better flavour.

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